This is a discussion forum for parents who have children enrolled (or alumni) at the KY School for the Blind. When relevant, we also invite KSB staff & therapists to participate.

Often, when families can share their experience and advice, parents feel less alone and more empowered. Our intention is to help improve conditions for students who have both developmental & visual disabilities. We also hope that these discussions will help guide our advocacy efforts and facilitate a productive dialogue with the KSB administration.

Comments may be anonymous. We ask that all comments remain civil, respectful and truthful. We reserve the right to delete or edit any content on this site.

To participate in this discussion, you must disclose your identity to the site administrator.

We pledge to keep you identity confidential.

Any questions can be directed to:

Donovan A. Fornwalt, 502-584-1239


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Hi everyone. I’m a Mom who is concerned about the new policies currently being written. I’ve been told they are just trying to get back to their original focus which is visual impairment, but I don’t think it has ever NOT been about visual impairment. Everything was fine last year and the kids have been making progress, so why does the new administration see a need for change?

  1. “Smiley”, you most definitely have good reason to have concerns about any suggestion that children with co-occurring disabilities are not included in the mission of the KY School for the Blind. My understanding is that nearly 70% of children w/ visual impairments also have another disability. Why would a school with such a rich history of inclusion decide to exclude nearly 70% of children?

    It would be regressive, discriminatory and heartbreaking.
    Let’s continue to monitor this situation and see how it evolves. And pray that the KSB mission and admission standards do not change in ways that discriminate against kids with DD-ID.

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